Kathy Kamibayashi is an experienced remediation specialist, having taught public, private, and homeschooled dyslexic students for over five years. She also serves as a consultant to parents seeking to provide a rich education to their dyslexic children.
She loves helping students embrace their unique abilities and uncover their love of learning.  A native Californian, Kathy earned her degree from the University of California at Davis. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to dyslexia remediation.

When she’s not working with students, she’s usually holed up in coffee shops reading biographies, touring historic homes, or spending time with her family.


From students and parents: 

“Mrs K was an incredible tutor. She always knew how to make learning fun. She helped me understand things that I struggled with all my life. She exposed me to a new world of classic literature that taught me to love reading. The 4 years I met with her were indescribably helpful!”
-Leighton, student.

“Not only did Mrs. K. help with my son's reading, but taught him to have confidence in himself and to be proud of his work.  Her kindness and knowledge are immeasurable!”

-Chandler, parent

“Mrs. K” was a huge contributor in our daughter’s (Lucy) success as a student and we credit her with enabling Lucy to today take every honors class offered in her current 9th grade. Mrs. K is extremely thorough in her approach and thinks through every aspect of learning when approaching reading. She is extremely patient and by reading aloud to Lucy was able to engage her in literature that she otherwise would not have enjoyed. Mrs. K adapted her style to fit with our school’s curriculum and worked with the teachers to ensure a collaborative approach. Our daughter also appreciated that Mrs. K would make the sessions fun with games and special treats. We could not be more thankful that Mrs. K worked with our daughter and if you would like a more detailed reference, please ask Kathy to provide our name and number.

-Mollie, parent
“I am grateful to Kathy Kamibayashi for the wise and encouraging educational consulting she has provided to my family. Four of my six children have been identified with dyslexia, and when I met Kathy, I was discouraged and confused about the way forward in homeschooling. Kathy lovingly showered me with her insight and experience, accumulated from a variety of educational settings and research about dyslexia, in an articulate and practical manner. She has a genuine, caring heart for kids with dyslexia and their families, paired with an in-depth knowledge of the tools to provide help. After talking with Kathy, my vision for my children’s education was renewed, my confidence restored, and a clear plan established for the upcoming school year. I am truly grateful for her.”

-Michelle, parent

We are so grateful to have found Kathy. Under her masterful and astute tutelage, our boys have made astounding reading progress using the Susan Barton system. Kathy is unique in the tutoring world in that she not only has a deep understanding of what she is teaching, but she is also exquisitely in tune with the unique learning needs of each child. In addition to mastering the art of teaching the Susan Barton system, Kathy is also a warm and caring person. She has formed deep and meaningful relationshps with both of our boys, who are always eager to update her on any new life stories at the beginning of every session. Kathy is a truly excellent tutor, who believes deeply in her work and cares tremendously about the success of each child — a combination that can be challenging to find. We are so lucky we found her!

— Charlotte, parent

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